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Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Life


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*Renee is a lawyer, yet when she dealt with her own divorce it financially devastated her.

Renee wants to help those going through a divorce, so that they are not blindsided by the legal fees.

*In the first session you will walk away with clarity of your “to-do’s” as well as a friend and confidant, who you can be sure, understands where you are.

Divorce Coaching

with Renee Mazer Esq.

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*fee includes copy of the book “The Dirty Secrets of Divorce”

Featured in:

The Dirty Secrets of Divorce

...what your lawyer won't dare tell you

By Renee Mazer

"Divorcing couples are lambs going to slaughter the second one of them steps foot in a lawyer’s office to start their divorce. They are Little Red Riding Hood at Grandma’s house. They are a fly speeding into a spider’s web. They are a mouse about to be consumed by a cat. They are Adam and Eve being handed an apple by a snake."

Written by a lawyer who went through her own divorce. It serves as a cautionary tale for those considering or going through a divorce. Don't be fooled this book is funny!

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