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Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Life.

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Getting a Divorce?

Don’t waste $$ 

Instead Use the Mazer Method

-The average cost of a divorce (when using a divorce attorney) is $15,000/person=$30,000/couple

-She will keep you from wasting your time, money and energy on misguided choices.  

-Renee is a lawyer, yet when she dealt with her own divorce (which lasted many years) it financially devastated her. Renee wants to help those going through a divorce, so that they are not blindsided by the legal fees.

-In the first session you will walk away with clarity of your “to-do’s” as well as a friend and confidant, who you can be sure, understands where you are.

Divorce Coaching

with Renee Mazer Esq.

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*fee includes copy of the book “The Dirty Secrets of Divorce”

Featured in:

The Dirty Secrets of Divorce

Or what your lawyer won't dare tell you

By Renee Mazer

"Divorcing couples are lambs going to slaughter the second one of them steps foot in a lawyer’s office to start their divorce. They are Little Red Riding Hood at Grandma’s house. They are a fly speeding into a spider’s web. They are a mouse about to be consumed by a cat. They are Adam and Eve being handed an apple by a snake."

Written by a lawyer who went through her own divorce. It serves as a cautionary tale for those considering or going through a divorce. Don't be fooled this book is funny!

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